2021 Illinois Press Foundation Committees

Members of the Board of Directors have a wide range of responsibilities, from overseeing building maintenance to working with staff to develop educational opportunities and fundraising plans. Much of that work is done by the board’s seven committees. To contact a board member, visit the board contact page.


Executive Committee

Jerry Reppert (Chair), Jim Slonoff, Nathan Jones and Charlie Wheeler

The Executive Committee is composed of the board officers of the Foundation. Members are elected by the entire board on an annual basis. The Executive Committee is to plan the work of the board and to exact responsibility from members by providing agenda and other guidelines for board actions. Another chief role of the Executive Committee is to provide guidance for the organization between board meetings. The Executive Committee assumes broader functions and makes more of the policy decisions which permits the Foundation to operate and make decisions effectively.


Board Development and Governance

Jon Whitney (Chair), Jerry Reppert, Kathy Farren, Nathan Jones, Jim Slonoff and John Galer
The Board Development/Governance Committee oversees the identification, recruitment, orientation, training, and retention of board members. This committee looks for opportunities to strengthen and evolve the board’s effectiveness, capacity, composition, and ability to lead the organization into the future. It is the committee’s responsibility to act as a nominating committee for the annual election of officers.


Finance and Investment Committee

Jim Slonoff (Chair), Cheryl Wormley, Carter Newton Doug Ray, and Sam Fisher
The Finance Committees purpose is to oversee the creation of the budget, monitor and report on the financial status and activities of the agency, ensure the financial policies and practices are followed, and oversee investments. The finance committee includes the CFO and President/CEO. 


Building Committee

John Galer (Chair) and Nathan Jones

The purpose of the Building Committee is to oversee and maintain the building and grounds of the Illinois Press Association/Foundation. The committee works with staff to develop an annual maintenance and improvement plan for the facility.


Fundraising and Financial Resource Development

Kathy Farren (Chair), Cheryl Wormley, John Galer, Doug Ray, Julie Boren, Sally Renaud,,Carter Newton and Ron Wallace

The Fundraising and Financial Resource Development Committee works closely with staff to create and implement the financial resource plan that will guide the staff and board’s activities in seeking out and securing funding from diverse sources. This committee may also take the lead in working with the other board members to explore the best ways they can contribute to the fundraising effort. The committee oversees ACORN, Fourth Estate and all grants of the Foundation.


Education Committee

Sally Renaud (Chair), John David Reed, Dave Bell, Greg Bilbrey, Linda Jones, Randy Swikle,, Charlie Wheeler and Dr. Peggy Bradford

The Education committee is responsible in developing along with staff the educational opportunities that the Foundation provides to practicing journalists, journalism students and educators. The committee is responsible for providing guidance/direction to staff on the successful implementation of the annual IPA/IPF convention.


Capitol News Illinois Committee

Charlie Wheeler (Chair), John David Reed, Doug Ray, Nathan Jones, Jim Shrader and Wendy Martin

The Capitol News Illinois Committee is responsible for oversight of the bureau to ensure the continued success in providing comprehensive news coverage of the Illinois governmental process for publication in member newspapers.