Recognition bricks

Since 1982, the Illinois Press Foundation (IPF) has provided education and information to its members and the general public.

The IPF is helping to create the next generation of newspapers through its statewide headquarters in Springfield. The facility provides the resources, technology, people and vision to advance the governmental, educational and business missions of the Illinois Press Association and the Illinois Press Foundation.

Ongoing member support allows the Foundation to fulfill its vision of continuing the newspaper industry’s commitment to integrity and service. With this in mind, IPF Recognition Bricks serve as an evolving and lasting tribute to volunteers and friends of the Illinois newspaper industry.

The brick walkway welcomes visitors with a visible illustration of the diverse strength of Illinois newspapers. Through your donation, we will engrave one of the 1,000 bricks with your name, your company name, or the name of a loved one. This pathway serves as a reminder of the many individuals who have contributed to the success of Illinois newspapers.

In addition, the IPF Recognition Bricks serve as a means of remembrance to express congratulations, thanks, or to remember a departed friend or family member. This is a unique opportunity for individuals to help further the mission of the Illinois Press Foundation in a permanent and personalized way. Click here to order.